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Ordered by 2 pm - dispatched the same day!
Ordered by 2 pm - dispatched the same day!



Plastic models

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of plastic model making, where precision meets passion. Our category offers an extensive selection of high-quality model kits for enthusiasts and collectors of every experience level. Whether you prefer detailed aircraft, historic ships, impressive military vehicles or delicate car models, our range includes models from a wide variety of eras and genres. With us you will find kits from renowned manufacturers who are known for their excellent fit, authentic details and high-quality materials.

Deepen your technical understanding, perfect your craftsmanship and experience the feeling of endless creativity by creating your own miniature marvel from simple plastic parts. In addition to the classic kits, we also offer you paints, tools and accessories to individualize your project and complete it professionally. Discover the world of plastic model making in our online shop and be inspired by the attention to detail of our models!