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Ordered by 2 pm - dispatched the same day!
Ordered by 2 pm - dispatched the same day!



Xray X1 Tuningteile

Xray X1 option parts

The Xray X1 is a top product in the RC formula vehicle model segment, which is highly recognized for its precision construction and excellent driving dynamics. As the flagship of Xray's Formula division, the X1 offers an authentic race car experience with a chassis designed for peak performance and adjustable racing parameters. Equipped with high-quality materials, innovative design and an aerodynamic body, the Xray X1 enables impressive control and speed on the track. Whether on smooth asphalt or demanding racing courses, the X1 is designed to delight drivers and offer a decisive advantage over the competition. In addition to its competitiveness, the X1 stands out for its ease of maintenance and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for both RC racing enthusiasts and serious competitors.