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Ordered by 2 pm - dispatched the same day!
Ordered by 2 pm - dispatched the same day!




Availability status on our online shop:
  1. Out of stock: This status appears if the product is currently out of stock. The product may be temporarily unavailable or sold out and awaiting restocking.
  1. Coming soon: The "Coming soon" status is displayed if products have already been ordered and will arrive in our warehouse shortly. An exact receipt date has already been set.
  1. In Stock: In Stock status is displayed when all products we have in stock are available. Additionally, the number of available products is displayed so customers know how many units are still available.

We regularly update availability information to ensure our customers are always informed about the current status. If a product is sold out or will soon be available again, we will ensure this is clearly marked so that you can make your purchasing decisions accordingly.


The “Pre-Order” status appears when a product is not yet in stock, but customers already have the opportunity to order it in advance. This can be the case when a product is still in production or is not yet fully available, but there is already high demand.

To pre-order products, customers can usually visit the corresponding item page on our online shop. There you will find an option to pre-order the product. Customers are asked to provide a pre-order quantity so we can better plan for demand.

When customers pre-order a product, they typically see a confirmation message that their pre-order has been successfully accepted. In addition, you will receive a notification or email as soon as the product is available and can be shipped.

It is important to note that pre-orders often come with a payment option that requires customers to pay the full or partial amount in advance to complete the pre-order. This type of pre-order allows us to better plan production and give customers peace of mind that they will receive their products as soon as they are available.

Our customer service team is always available to answer customers' questions about pre-orders or other concerns.