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Ordered by 2 pm - dispatched the same day!
Ordered by 2 pm - dispatched the same day!




RCXX is not only active in the retail business, but also as a general importer and distributor for various brands in the area of ​​model building, RC racing and accessories. We supply specialist retailers with our products for the Swiss market.


EZ POWER Batteries has established itself as a trusted brand specializing in the production of high quality batteries and rechargeable batteries. These products are specifically designed for demanding use in model vehicles to ensure optimal and reliable performance. With the aim of supporting the passion for model building through reliable energy sources, EZ POWER Batteries strives to combine innovation with quality. It is a brand valued by enthusiasts for its durability, efficiency and the consistent energy delivery it offers to their model vehicles.

Hobbywing XeRun

Hobbywing is widely known as one of the leading manufacturers of electronics for the RC sector. With our role as an official general importer, we specifically bring you closer to Hobbywing's XERUN product line. This line includes sophisticated electronic speed controllers (ESCs) and motors that are valued in the world of RC racing for their power, efficiency and reliability.

The XERUN series is specifically designed for competition purposes and offers technological innovations tailored to demanding racing. These products allow racers to precisely tune their vehicles to achieve maximum performance and control on the track.


Gas powered engines for competition! IELASI TUNED's roots lie in the competitive environment, where every second counts and the performance of a well-tuned engine can make the difference between victory and defeat. The company is recognized for its custom engines designed to provide optimal performance and reliability.


We also carry the Axon brand, which specializes in high-precision and durable accessories for RC vehicles. Axon offers a wide range of high-quality tires, shocks, bearings and other parts to help drivers optimize their vehicle to the highest level of performance.

With the new, internally developed competition chassis TC10/3, Axon has catapulted itself to a new level.

SRT RC servo

SRT is another brand we represent. It offers a variety of servos that are known for their reliability and precision. SRT servos enable precise control of the toy models and provide drivers with an enhanced driving experience.

As a distributor and general importer, RCXX always works to offer the latest and most innovative products on the market. We are committed to providing customers in the area of ​​model building and RC racing with first-class quality and selection.

RCXX also offers the opportunity to offer all of our brands at special conditions via our B2B platform. By purchasing large quantities of our specific brands, we achieve a volume advantage that we are happy to pass on to our partners.


If you would like to work with us as a dealer, club or association, you can find our registration form under the B2B section on our website. We look forward to new collaborations and are happy to discuss your requirements and offer solutions tailored specifically to your needs. Don't hesitate to contact us and benefit from the benefits of partnering with RCXX.